Carretera Austral – Scenic route through Patagonia


The Carratera Austral is a picturesque road in southern part of Chilean Patagonia. It goes from a tiny village Villa O Higginis in the south to Puerto Montt in the north. On its 1150 kilometers you can see beautiful little towns and villages, tremendous mountains, fjords, blue lakes, glaciers, and even tropical forest. It is a nice  alternative to the dry and deserted route 40 on the Argentina side of the border.  Just be ready that it might to take you longer to travel through it than you plan. 

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Tierra Del Fuego / Ziemia Ognista

Getting onto the Island

After our stay in Punta Arenas we decided to vist the most southern city in the world – Ushuaia. With my swollen knee we couldn´t do much there, so basiclly we went 10 hours there and back through the beautifull and ragged Tierra del Fuego.

Po naszym pobycie w Punta Arenas postanowiliśmy odwiedzić najbardziej na południe położone miasto na świecie – Ushuaia. Z moim spuchniętym kolanem nie mogliśmy robić tam zbyt wiele. Przejechaliśmy po prostu 10 godzin tam i z powrotem przez piękna i surową Ziemię Ognistą.

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Punta Arenas


We arrived in Punta Arenas in the middle of the night and after 30 hours of traveling we just wanted to lay down and sleep.  We took a taxi straight to our couchsurfing host´s house and went straight to bed. The next day our host, Agustina, took us for a great walk through the city and along the shore of the Magellan Straight.  We stopped for some amazing King crab Empanadas.  There´s a hill in the middle of the city with a lookout where you have a beautiful panoramic view of the city, the Straight, and Tierra Del Fuego on the other side  of the water.

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