2016 in a nutshell


Everyone complains about 2016 and accuses it of being aweful. It was only after we got back to the reality, around September, when I began slowly realizing that the world is not a nice place. During 2016 my big, long-awaited dream of travelling South America came true. The first eight months of this year was a time of detachment from reality and bad news. Was this trip what I dreamed of? No! It was completely different from any imaginations I had and that is why it was so awesome. Because what would be the point of travelling if images from our heads equal the reality. In summery our 2016 looked like this: Continue reading “2016 in a nutshell”

Casa de la Moneda : National Mint of Bolivia

Safe used for newly minted silver coins


Besides the mountain towering over the city of Potosi, the Casa de la moneda is, in my opinion, the second biggest attraction. It was here that all the silver, extracted from the mountain, flowed through on it’s way to Spain, and the world. The original building was build along side the center square in 1574, but when production became too much for the mint to handle, a new mint was built in 1759. This second mint is where tours are held. An extensive collection of coins, machines, and dioramas highlighting the workings of the mint from the manual slave era, though the steam era and into the modern day electrically driven production lines.

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Northern Argentina – Tafi de Valle


Three weeks ago northern Argentina was a white stain on the map for us, we did not know that there was even something west of Paraguay in Argentina. Thanks to our friend Maja from Buenos Aires, who recommended us to go there, we have discovered an amazing region and what was really nice about it, we went there with no expectations. Our first stop in this part of the country and our return to nature was Tafi del Valle.

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