The road not taken


We are people who love to travel but hate crowds.  Of course, now and again, we will find ourselves in the midst of a horde, when a destination or, local attraction is too good to pass up.  We’ve found though, that no matter how busy a place is, there is always a path that veers away from the main road.  These paths usually require a little more effort then the carefully crafted board walks and stairs, but the trade off is worth it.  On these secondary trails there are far less people, usually only locals, which results in less safety barriers and restrictions separating you from the surrounding nature.

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North American’s first trip to Europe

North American's first trip to Europe

It’s taken a while for me to get around to writing about our trip to Poland, but here it goes.

Last April, we took time off from work to head to Poland for about 5 weeks.  I had never been to Europe before and had no idea what to expect. Of course Europe, and Poland specifically, is different from North America, but for the most part, after a little internet browsing, there is a general idea of what will be different. Of course there were still a few things that threw me a little bit.