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Camping on Isla Del Sol

At first glance Isla del Sol seems to be overrun with tourists, but after a day or so on the island, it is hard to believe that this beautiful paradise island isn’t swarming with even more foreigners.

The island is on the Bolivian side of lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world, at 3808 meters up. After a 2 hour ferry from Copacabana we arrived at Challapampa on the north end of the island. There were little kids swarming the docks advertising their family hostels but instead we picked a nice spot on a beach and pitched our tent for free alongside a few other backpackers. In the early evening while preparing dinner, a few pigs must have gotten a whiff of our food and trampled our setup. Luckily we were able to keep the food untouched, but when the dust settled and the pigs had moved along, we released that they had left my arm full of slobber, and the ground full of poop. The night started with a pretty intense wind storm that blew sand everywhere. The sand on the beach was so fine that it entered the tent even with everything zipped up tightly. The night continued with an action packed thunderstorm, where the sky was constantly lit up by bolts of lightning. Most tenters took the storm’s first quiet moment to pack up and head for a hostel which in hindsight we should have too since for the rest of the night the weather went back and forth from sand storm to thunderstorm, and just for fun, a bout of intense food poisoning was thrown into the mix. First thing in the morning we booked a hostel and spent the day sleeping it off. The next day, feeling a little better we hiked up and over a hill to some old Inca ruins. What were amazing about these ruins, is that unlike many other ruin sites, these ruins remained intact so reconstruction by guessing and cementing was not necessary.

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