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Puerto Natales – English


Puerto Natales is a little town in southern, chilenian Patagonia. Most of people are coming here for a day or two just to get stuff ready before they hit the trail in the Torres del Paine park. First it was also our plan, but because of my knee we decided to stay there a little longer and see what will happen.

We set up our tent at the back of a little hostel named Casa Lily and we made it our home for almost a week. Most of the time we were just polishing the sidewalks of the town and checking out local places with empanadas. On our second day in Puerto Natales there was a beer festival in town. Fifteen different breweries from different parts of Patagonia were presenting their products. We even had our debut in chilenian TV, giving our first interview in broken spanish. The winner of the night was beer from Puerto Williams, probably the most southern beer in the world. We also had our failures that night. I got a beer with  lemonade and salty spices around ridge, Jason was making fun of me until the moment he accidentally got a ruhbarb beer and after that all jokes focused on him.

During our visit in Puerto Natales we tried the traditional cuisine. In this part of Patogonia lamb is very popular. The entire animal is spread over the fire and cook ed slowly over many hours. We ordered two portions of it and to our shock ended up with two full plates of meat.  It was probably the best lamb that either of us had ever tasted.

Like I previously said, we were planning on a mulit day trek through the national park but settled on a day long bus tour to at least see the park from a distance.  It was full of beautiful views but we have to admit that sightseeing this way is not our prefered method. Prior to taking us to the park, the bus took us to an old cave which was discovered 100 years ago having animal hides, bones, and traces of human habitation.

After a lazy week in Casa Lily it was time to hit road agian.


Born and raised in Montreal, Qc. Moved up north to Yellowknife for a little change and hopefully some adventure.

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