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Frankfurt and Chrisrtmas Markets


In December on our way to Poland we had a 10 hour long layover in Frankfurt on the Main. We decided that we should use that time and see the city and its famous Christmas Markets.

Our plane landed shortly after 6am. A quick visit with toothbrushes to the washrooms and we were ready for sightseeing … or rather tired and excited about big and strong coffees in a nice location. It takes only 10-15 minutes to get by train from the airport to the center. After our last year visit in Munich, we knew that buying individual tickets for 4 rides doesn’t make sense. In Frankfurt and any other German city you can buy a group day pass, which is good for 2-5 people for 24 hours. Usually the pass cost less than 4 individual tickets.

Around 7am we were already in the still dark Frankfurt center. It was a pretty warm morning for December with 11 Celsius degrees. We walked along the empty Goethe street and in front of the Opera house. We found a nice coffee shop near by and we went inside to get some caffeine into our systems and waited for the dawn. After that we went for a little walk around old town and through the still closed Christmas Markets. We crossed the river over the bridge for pedestrians, walked on the other side and crossed again on the next bridge. We got really tired after our little stroll around. We thought that water might help, but it didn’t. Then we notice a nice restaurant with outside tables. We looked at each other and five minutes later we were sitting with two big beers at a hot spot in a Christmas Market. At 9am we were sipping beer and watching a candy stand getting ready for another busy day of Christmas Market.

Before noon we checked out the now open Christmas Markets. We went inside tiny stores with Christmasy decorations and traditional German Candle Carousels. We tried popular hot wine (Gluhwein) and Frankfurt speciality: apple wine (Apfelwein). Around 1 pm  we had had enough and we were back at the airport, very tired and a little tipsy.

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