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Spring in Poland


Spring used to be my favorite season of the year. What can be better than blossoming trees and juicy green everywhere. Such a nice refreshment after the grey months of winter, when the earth is coming back to life and you can literally smell it in the air.

Unfortunately spring in Yellowknife is nothing like that and as a matter of fact, it reminds me more of a polish winter. Snow is melting for a very long period of the time, turning into grey goop. It is a dragging transitional season where you’re not able to do winter activities anymore nor summer stuff yet. While waiting for the ice to disappear from lakes and rivers, I came upon these pictures from our trip to Poland exactly a year ago in May. It is so good to see a polish spring again, even if it is just in the pictures.  

8 thoughts on “Spring in Poland

  1. I really enjoy this site – and Poland in the spring looks fantastic. I have never been but I am curious now. You are so right about the Yellowknife spring- i think its doesn’t really exist. There are a few days between winter and summer, that’s all. It is one of the things I miss about living down south.

    Love your video of YK from the air! I’m inspired to try to take some video footage too – thanks for this.


    1. Thanks Tandi. Poland is a beautiful and very interesting country. It is getting more and more turisty, but you still can find some more remote places where you can simply enjoy the nature. I am happy that our blog is an inspiration for you, can’t wait to see your video. Let us know when it is ready!


    1. Hey Obroni,yeah I agree that spring in Canada can beautiful. But unfortunately in Yellowknife we have a lack of this season, right now you can see some green leaves showing up but there is not too much vegetation to bloom in colors. I have checked your pictures, they’re really nice.


      1. I enjoy when the colour comes back to the land up here in the spring, don’t get me wrong, but it doesn’t pop the way it does farther south. I think it may be because it’s too dry up here, especially recently. I have to say though, that the colours of the tundra (farther north from Yellowknife) are some of the most amazing that I have ever seen, even more so than those in Quebec and Ontario.


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